Upholstery Cleaning

Most furniture can be safely cleaned on location without the cost or inconvenience of moving. Let our experts restore the beauty and life to your furniture. Be it silk, cotton, wool, ultre suede, chenille, or brocades, we will first test to determine the best cleaning method, then consult with our client regarding any concerns before proceeding. We specialize in treating all types of furniture, chairs, sofas, loveseats, ottomans, and headboards. Our experienced team will leave your upholstery fresh and clean. With Express Clean Tech, upholstery is always pre-inspected, pre-vacumed, and pre-spotted for optimal results!

Carpet Cleaning

We’ll promise to offer you the best solutions, for the best results to make your carpet look good as new!By taking advantage of the latest carpet cleaning technology, Express Clean Tech will clean your carpets more thoroughly than anyone else. Our methods are powerful enough to remove nearly any kind of stain and eliminate almost any kind of odor.
Our cleaning method protects the fabric, maintains and preserves the life of the color and fiber of the carpet.
We will use extra strong suction to provide unrivaled cleaning power and remove ground-in soil, reviving your carpet's appearance. 
Our professional technicians carefully inspect the surface and condition of the carpet before selecting the best methods/product/equipment. we can assure you that you’ll receive the highest level of cleaning performance.
The cleaning systems we use will eliminate mildew and other bacteria that thrive in your carpet and pose a threat to your health.

We offer a verity of carpet treatment:
Stain Removal                                                               
Mildew Treatment
Carpet Restoration
Pet Stains and Pet Odors
Gum, Tar, Oil, and Grease
Coffee, Rust, Ink, Tanning Oil, and Other Stains
And many more!